Our Morals Our World Competition


  • Reinforce values of the moral education program
  • Share & promote global moral heritage
  • Engage students & parents in the moral education program
  • Celebrate and showcase schools participation in the moral education program
  • Maintain momentum for the program in the schools


Public & Private School Students (grades 5-9)

Introducing 'Our Morals Our World Competition'

“Our Morals Our World Competition” aims to showcase multicultural moral stories from students of all nationalities in UAE schools. Students from grades five to nine are asked to write short stories based on eight moral education topics. One winning story will be selected from each grade by a school jury. The winning stories will be submitted to a regulator jury that will select the final stories to be published at the end of the year.


Regulators (Ministry of Education, Department of Education and Knowledge,
Knowledge and Human Development Authority)

Being Ethical

…and should have one of these 3 formats…

Key considerations

Schools and teachers are free to select the best way to implement the competition in school keeping in mind the following:

  • The stories need to be written by the students
  • Language of submission is Arabic or English only
  • Parents/ grandparents are asked to act as mentors and guides supporting the students in writing the stories
  • Has to be in the provided Template (handwritten or typed) and limited to the allocated space (should not exceed 500 words)
  • The school needs to appoint an independent jury (composed of teachers/ principals) that reviews and selects the top story from each grade
  • It is encouraged that winning stories reflect diversity nationalities of students in the schools to showcase stories from all over the world
  • Each of the 5 winning stories must be from a different moral education topic
  • The final deadline for submission to the regulator is 15th of February 2018

Evaluation Criteria

Stories will be evaluated according to 4 elements: Content, Presentation & Language, Structure & Plot, and Creativity. The stories will be scored on a 100 point scale, judges will score each element and aggregate the individual scores to calculate the final score


The story reflects the selected topic and is compelling to read
The tone is appropriate to the material and effectively conveys the mood of the story

Structure & Plot

The story follows a clear framework (Beginning, Middle and End)
The story unfolds clearly (plot and character development)

Presentation & Language

Writing is clear and overall presentation of story is consistent (e.g are the paragraphs too long? Too short?)
The spelling, punctuation and grammar are correct


The underlying message of the story is revealed through plot, dialogue, and characters are distinctive
The story is supported by references to symbols/ quotes/ cultural traditions related to values

Each element will be equally weighted (25%) and judged according to the following scale: